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Teaching music in college or university?
Check out Noteflight for Higher Ed 
noteflight for private music instruction
Give your students access to all Noteflight Crescendo features! There's no IT setup required - just add your students to your new community and be up and teaching in minutes.
With Noteflight Studio, music instructors can create their own private Noteflight site for use by students and collaborators. Take advantage of Noteflight's professional quality music notation and guitar tabs to design instruction materials, share lessons, create examples and exercises and communicate with your students. With Noteflight, your musical materials are available on any computer on the Internet so your students will be able to access Noteflight anytime, anywhere. Noteflight is also perfect for ongoing communication and interaction with your students between lessons. Its easy to get started: purchase your private site below and use our easy administrative features to add students immediately.
1 Site
Create your exclusive studio community
75 Students
$1.25 per student per year

Noteflight Studio Features

Accessible. Noteflight's easy-to-use interface allows students to intuitively interact with notation and musical ideas. Accessing Noteflight, creating music, sharing scores and giving feedback is intuitive and fun.

Foster a Musical Community. Noteflight provides you with a private, secure, online community for instruction and learning that is separate from the public Noteflight.com site. It's perfect for group composition activities and informal sharing. Your students can connect and collaborate with each other outside of the studio.

Affordable. A Noteflight instructional community is priced well below traditional boxed software; it's available via subscription and comes with on-going support and feature updates. Your community can grow, or contract with shifting student numbers - no problem.

Manage online assignments. When you create a lesson, Noteflight automatically gives each student their own copy to work on. You can review individual student's work and provide feedback directly in their scores. You can even see how a piece has evolved by looking at previously saved versions.

Create online courses. Instructors can embed scores in web pages or blogs with audio playback. Students can playback all of a score or just a few measures and can listen to individual parts and notes as their cursor follows the playback.

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